Friday, 27 May 2011

Ca Fait Longtemps...

From Sudan: 'Ahmed Ya Habibi'

A beautiful lyric poem in Praise of Prophet Muhammed (salla Allahu alehi wa salam,May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). 'Ahmed' is the the name of Prophet Muhammed (Saala Allahu aleghi wa salam) in Jennat(Paradise) whilst 'Ya, Habibi' means 'Oh, Beloved' (of Allah).

Monday, 25 April 2011


"Do not be saddened by what people say about you. If it is false, it would
be like a good deed you have not performed. If true, it would be like an
evil deed whose punishment has been prematurely extracted" - Prophet
Jesus,peace be upon him be peace.

Menzuma from Ethiopia

Ma sha Allah,A menzuma;devotional chant in praise of prophet Muhammad (salla Allahu alehi wa salam)from Ethiopia, in Arabic and Amharic:

Brazil: islam on the rize in favelas

Brazil: Islam on the rize in favelas by France_24english

The only slight disagreement I have is with the brother who said that Muslim countries don't have significant drug problems:Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan, in fact, have the highest rathes of intravenous drug use(specifically heroin) in the world.

But even with such a high rate of usage,as he pointed out,the violence,territorial disputes and shoot outs are not nearly as marked as they are in the Rio Favelas, in Medellin or in the American ghettoes to the north.

It goes without saying that Islam,as properly practised does have the potential to purify society ofthe sorts of social ills seen in the favelas.

Hip Hop (of the more politically minded; socially conscious variety) has been instrumental in introducing many to Islam, to the extent that it is often referred to as the unofficial religion of Hip Hop.

May Allah bestow uponus the strength to be better Muslims.